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Southport Cycling Club Newsletter March 2021

British Cycling: Covid Guidance

British Cycling have recently published revised guidance and this was discussed at a Committee Meeting on March 31st. In short the committee determined that the club’s policy should be that members observe the ‘group of 6’ rule when riding together. This means that:

• Groups should contain no more than 6 riders (obviously)

• Riders should be socially distanced when riding, at meeting up points and when purchasing take-away food etc.

• If more than 6 people turn up to a ride organised through our WhatsApp groups the riders must organise themselves in to groups of six or less. In this scenario it is important that a good distance is left between the groups to avoid them forming one larger group later. We advise that when several sub groups are formed that each sub group has a different destination – the reason for this is that if groups come together at cafes etc this could give the impression that they have ridden out as a large group.

• The ‘staying local’ advice has been difficult for everyone to interpret and we suggest the following.

– Do not plan rides that may push you beyond your capabilities.

– Take your own sustenance (situation re which cafes are open etc is still variable).

Members may be aware that British Cycling have published guidance re ‘Organised rides involving up to 15 members’. The committee considered this but felt that the requirements relating to these ‘organised rides’ would take some time to establish e.g. the need to have at least one ‘ride captain’, the need for all routes to be published in advance, the need to carry out a risk assessment, the need to have at least one first aider’. The committee felt that it might take considerable time and effort to set up such a system which in practice might only last until May 17th or June 21st (depending on how the current road map is interpreted).

However, the committee did feel the organisation of club rides was something that could be revisited once we are out of lockdown.

Finally, all of the above is guidance but the committee strongly urge all members to follow it particularly when wearing club kit to avoid any embarrassment to the club or the cycling community in general.

Positive Police Action

Earlier this year one of our members was subjected to an unpleasant incident when a van driver deliberately drove at him. The member managed to get a photograph of the van which identified the company it belonged to and reported the matter to the police. This is the response he received from PC Brian Harrison:

I have been passed this enquiry as I deal with all the Constabulary’s dash camera and head camera footage. Clearly this enquiry has neither, however I do have experience in this sort of incident and will endeavour to assist.

Unfortunately having no vehicle registration number I cannot take any direct action towards the driver of the vehicle. I do however have an information and warning pack that I send to the registered keepers of offending vehicles. This would normally include still imagines taken from the incident which highlight the proximity of the vehicle to the cyclist and information taken from the highway code on safe passing distances.

On this occasion I have found an address for the company and will amend one of my warning packs to suit the situation before sending via Royal Mail.

The member was satisfied that, in the absence of video evidence, the police took the matter seriously, acted quickly and hopefully their actions will prove a deterrence to this driver repeating his behaviour in the future.

Message for all members: Do report serious incidents to the police. They will do what they can to support you.

Time Trials

Alan Stark’s faith and energy have been rewarded and it’s terrific to see that the 10s will be underway soon. Some key dates:

Thursday April 8th – pre-season briefing for marshals and officials at 6:30.

Thursday April 15th – first 10 Mile TT. First rider off 7.01 pm – signing on 6.00 to 6.45pm. Please bring exact cash £ 5 per rider. Bring your own pen!

Saturday May 29th – SCC Open 10. Entries coming in nicely via the CTT website…/events/view/22046

Only one SCC member so far, but hopefully we will get a good few more to fly the flag in our showcase event. There will be prizes (Trophies / medals) for Fastest riders, Team, Handicap, Female, Junior, Juvenile and Vets (on Standard), Best SCC riders, and Course Record(s) if won.

Storage of club racing equipment

Unfortunately we have been informed that we can no longer use the storage facilities managed by the Flower Show. We have used these facilities to store protective barriers, cones, signs etc.

Fortunately we have been generously provided with a free facility in Preston and we have moved the equipment to this location.

2021 Subscriptions now overdue

If you haven’t had time to renew your subs you can do so via the club website.

In the meantime…keep turning those wheels.


Geoff Caton

Club Chairman


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