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7:00 pm SCC AGM 2023
SCC AGM 2023
Dec 4 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
This Notice advises that the Southport Cycling Club AGM will be held on Monday 4th December 2023 At the Club Room, Rotten Row Starting at If you have any proposals/ would like to see[...]


Southport Cycling Club Rides

The information provided below is intended to help riders select a ride most suited to their ability and needs. If you have not ridden with us before and you’re not sure which ride is most suitable for you, just drop us an email or message us through our Facebook group and we will contact you for a chat (you can email us through the ‘Contact’ page of the website). Coming to visit us at our Club House in Victoria Park  Rotten Row in Southport on Mondays from 7:30 pm is also a great place to start – click here for location of our club house.

If you have not ridden with a group before we have some helpful hints in our “Guide to Group Etiquette”

Rides start at the advertised times and you are advised to be early.

Please contact the ride leader as soon as possible if you have an issue on the way to the ride meeting point such as puncture.

Saturday Club Ride

The club ride is aimed at riders who want to, and have the ability to, ride at around 13 to 16 mph pace. This ride will be up to 60 miles and will involve a cafe stop. If you’ve not ridden in a group before this is a good place to start.

Meeting arrangements for rides (See website/Facebook/Whatsapp for any changes):

Day Time Meeting Point
Saturday Club Ride 9:30   Criffel Stone opposite Banks Crossens Pumping Station

*A separate ride may also go from the Criffel Stone at 9:30 am on Saturdays to a local café.


Saturday Intermediate Ride.

The Intermediate Ride is aimed at riders who want to, and have the ability to, ride at a quicker pace than the Club Ride. As a guide, this ride will be suitable for anyone who on 50 mile route, would average 16 to 17 mph on a solo ride, with favourable weather conditions.

The Inters Ride will typically be 50 to 60 miles long and will often involve some hill climbing. There will usually be a cafe stop on route.

The Inters Ride will be ridden as a group with rolling regrouping when required as per the club etiquette.

The intended average speed will slightly quicker than the CLUB ride.

*We have had instances of a few riders riding off the front. They will not be chased, and are to be strongly discouraged. As per the etiquette It will be assumed they want to ‘Continue the Ride Solo’

Arrangements for rides (See website/Facebook/Whatsapp for any changes):

Day Time Meeting Point
Saturday Inters Ride  8:30  Southport CC Club House
Saturday Inters Ride  8:45  Criffel Stone opposite Banks Crossens Pumping Station


Sunday Blackgate Lane Ride (Recommend for experienced riders)

Generally the SCC Blackgate Lane Ride is suitable to more experienced riders who can ride at 18+mph on a 50 mile flat route with favourable weather conditions.  However if riders of mixed ability turn up, the speed will be adjusted to accommodate them or riders will be split into groups based on ability, with the faster group heading off first. The Blackgate Lane Sunday ride will typically be 60 to 80 miles long with some longer rides in the summer.  There will be a lunch time cafe stop and we will always sit up to regroup when required. The route is agreed at the meeting point. Typically rides head north of Preston to the Fylde/Trough of Bowland areas.

Meeting arrangements for Blackgate Lane Rides

Day Time Meeting Point
Sunday 9:30 am Junction of Blackgate Lane and A565.


Weekday and Sunday Club Rides

Meeting arrangements for club rides:

Day Time Meeting Point
Week days- Monday to Friday 9:30 am Criffel Stone opposite Banks Crossens Pumping Station
Sunday 9:30 am Criffel Stone opposite Banks Crossens Pumping Station

How to find out what is happening

Clearly there will be occasions when things change e.g. rides may be cancelled because of the weather, or additional rides may be organised.  Whilst keeping everyone informed of everything is probably impossible you can get a lot of ‘live’ information through the following media:

  • SCC Club Website
  • ‘Southport Cycling  Club Official Group’ Facebook Page                   
  • SCC WhatsApp group   

If you wish to become a member of either of these last two groups please contact Geoff Caton: