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New Years Day Ride 2014

Who were the Iron Men (and Woman)

The 1st January 2014 did not bring a change of weather from the last days of 2013 – strong wind and rain from the south. So a small group arrived at the Club Room anticipating a bracing experience.

Eight riders (including the Chairman) took the start at the Club Room and set off along the Coast road. A variety of machines – full suspension mountain bikes, hybrids, touring bikes and Will on his fourth or fifth best bike more suited to a ride to the shops.
Joining up along the coast road a number of riders taking advantage of the wind to roll easily towards Southport found the going a lot harder as they turned to head back to  Pontin’s island – and so a group of now 14 riders including Wendy Scott – our sole lady rider for the day- set off towards the path to Freshfield.
As the bridge over the railway approached the Chairman’s instruction of “LEFT and then RIGHT” were followed literally by three or four riders who took to the sandy path. Sharp braking and RayLyon performed a graceful front wheelie to end up in a ditch – no damage to bike or rider fortunately. Through the woods Peter Gawthorne joined the group.  Freshfield/ Formby with the MTB crew opting for some sandy riding while the shoppers stuck to the road and then alomg the path at the side of the Altcar rifle range, now beautifully surfaced after last year’s closure.
Arriving at the Hall Road car park the sandwich van saw a brisk trade in hot drinks and sausage sandwiches as the riders huddled in the shelter in the deteriorating weather. There were no Iron Men in sight as the tide was in (apart from the riders!). 
Through Little Crosby and out to Lunt into a strong wind and then a slog across the embankment to the Cheshire Lines path. Now the wind behind, the rain really got going for a short spell, but this did not reduce the speed until the well known cry of pu**tu*re at probably the most exposed bit of path for the day. Ray brought his new CO2 inflator into operation and after a short delay progress continued.
Arriving at the Coast Road traffic lights saw the traditional scattering of the group – cold, wet, but satisfied to have defied the elements and upheld the tradition.



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