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Southport CC Open 25 Mile Time Trial- Saturday 25th July


Neil Smith and Norman Rimmer Trophies

Southport CC has a long tradition of promoting its 25 mile open time trial and this years edition took place on Saturday the 25th of July.

In past years the event was run on a Sunday but recently Saturday has been in favour in an attempt to boost numbers. A healthy entry of 62 riders was the result.
Riders were subjected to very reasonable weather conditions,  dry with a stiff breeze. There was some speculation before the race that the home club may have been able to provide the winning team of three riders but Preston wheelers looked favourite and there was a good deal of banter between riders as they signed on. On the day it was Birkenhead who eventually proved the fastest.

The winner was Nigel Haigh, Strategic Lions in a time of 54.27 narrowly beating scratch man Steve Daintith, Cover Your by 2 seconds.

For the 6 Southport riders taking part the main interest centred round two large trophies for which they were battling . The Norman Rimmer trophy is awarded to the fastest Southport rider on handicap and was won by Ian Bailey. The trophy was first presented in 1967. Norman died in a car accident. The Neil Smith trophy is awarded to the fastest Southport ride and was awarded to Pete Leonard. This trophy was first awarded in 1965 after Neil died following a collision on his bike during a club weekend. Both trophies were originally awarded to fastest rider and fastest rider on handicap but they are now open only to Southport riders.

The event ran smoothly due to the huge efforts of organiser Bill Lloyd and the help from many club members who gave up their valuable time to marshall and time keep.

Pete Leonard 02/08/15


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