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Not the third Sunday Ride

Apologies to those who missed this one — I’d had family commitments, and was not sure whether I could make it or not, so put a FB message out late on Saturday in case I could generate any interest.

I’d planned on a ride to Cafe De Lune – but when no one else appeared I found myself in the company of the Blackgate Lane gang once again.  At my age I should know better, especially when Spencer, Karl, Peter, Duffers, Dave Abram, Andy Grice, Ian Hodgson and Lennie Collins turned up.  There were various suggestions about destinations, including Waddington and Dunsop Bridge – all involving too much climbing for me,  but my telepathic force must have been strong, as first we took the detour round Preston Docks, then headed in the direction of Catforth.  By the time we passed St Michaels, I knew I was in for a flat ride, and so it proved.  We’d had a side wind most of the way out, and had been sheltered by high hedges for most of the way, but once we reached Pilling it turned in to steady tailwind.  Going across Cockerham flats I was doing 28mph, just hanging on at the back.  The last few bumps beyond Cockerham were my undoing, but still managed to get onto the back of the SCC queue at the cafe.  The return route was via Galgate, so I made the wise decision to get a headstart, and at least get over that first horrible little hill that gets the cafe legs screaming. We still had a good tailwind, so I was able to stay in the wheels until the turnoff for Scorton.  I don’t know whose bright idea it was to come over Harris End, but is was a great deal of relief when I saw the rest of the gang waiting at the top  by the entrance to the reservoirs.  My telepathy must have been working again – as I didn’t fancy having to go over Telegraph or Oakenclough.  The descent via Bell Lane was rapid, and on the way back to Bilsborrow caught up with Lennie, who’d decided to take a more sensible route via Scrton and Barnacre!  Crossing the A6 at Owld Nells, my legs finally ‘fell off’ and despite having the rest in sight most of the way to Woodplumpton, I ended up making my own way back at a more sedate pace.  All in all a grand day out, decent weather, good crack — and 84 miles at an unusually brisk pace for me.

Alan Stark


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