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Miles for Mons and the “B” Group go to Knott End


Miles for Mons & “B” Group at Knott End

The Miles for Mons group teamed up with the “B” group for a ride to Knott End on Sunday 19th April. Leaving the “Plough” bus stop at and meeting the rest of the group at Blackgate Lane, 16 riders headed for Tarleton lights. An early puncture delayed the group and standing around emphasised that it was a cool day with a cold easterly wind.

Penwortham lights saw the group speeding toward the docks area when Vincent had a very close encounter with a road cone on the flyover junction. Dan Salcedo alerted the front of the group who waited just short of the docks while Vincent was dusted off and his bike fettled. After a short delay Vincent got back on his bike and continued the ride – bruised and bloodied but with no serious damage except to his clothing.

No further incidents saw the group arrive at Knott End in time for a well earned lunch where they were joined by Ian Bailey and Mike Lloyd. During lunch a collection for the Toll bridge on the return saw Alan (Stark) pocket the £3.20 ready to pay.

Leaving Knott End and heading for Hambleton, Alan’s navigation let him down and we ended up over the river on the A 588 main road. Alan owned up and promised the Toll money to the MacMillan charity.

On through Preston and Liverpool Old Road saw the group halt for a discussion. More than half the group set off towards Croston, intent on extra miles to reach the “Century”. A further cafe stop and mission was accomplished with the group including our two lady riders clocking up the 100 mile target. The other riders cracked on towards home averaging 25mph along Southport New Road to the Plough.

A grand day out.

Allan Taylor 22/04/15




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