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Can you help SCC Raise £500 for the NHS and Carers

Hope  you all coping with the lockdown…lots of us seem to be getting out which is good…must be tough for those that can’t.Following discussions among officers we feel that we would like to show the club’s appreciation for the work being done by NHS and Care Home staff. To facilitate this we have set up a Justgiving page. The idea is simple. You are invited to donate next week’s cycling mileage. Simply multiply the miles you do by 5p, 10p etc (the choice is yours) and make your donation on the page. So, if you cycle 100 miles @ 5p per mile you will donate £5, and so on.

For the very enthusiastic amongst you, please don’t turn this into a mile munching competition! Just do your normal ‘exercise’ miles. You can include any miles done on a Turbo and pay double for them.

You don’t need me to give you reasons why you should donate, we all know only too well how tough these days are for people working in caring professions.

Please click here to donate.

Thanks for your support.




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