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A Pair of Kirtons for Allan

600km Audax ride 6th /7th June


Track of route from Garmin


Span between main towers is 1.4 km

Kirton in Lindsey and Kirton near Boston were the “Kirtons” on this 600km calendar event which I completed over the week end of the 6th/ 7th June. With 40 hours to complete the ride a Saturday start in Poynton with about 80 other riders gave a required finish time of on Sunday.

In 2014 I completed a similar ride crossing the Severn Bridge during the night, so I was looking forward to crossing the Humber Bridge (a bigger brother to the Severn Bridge) during the day. However the 30 to 40 mph winds on the bridge turned the ride across 1.4 km main span of the bridge into a scary experience.

This event had the luxury of a “sleep” stop at 350km – a church hall with a blow up mattress and a blanket, surrounded by lots of other riders trying to sleep! Not hotel style but better than most Audax rides! Two of the Sunday “Controls” (places which must be visited and where “proof of passage” is required) were motorway services – the reaction of people to cyclists in these places is always interesting.

I completed the ride at about on Sunday. The statistics for the ride from my Garmin were:
Distance 603 km
Elevation gain 4183 metres
moving time 27hrs 19 mins
Average speed 22.1 km/h
Max speed 70.5 km/h
Calories 16,028

Allan Taylor


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