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Upcoming Events

7:00 pm SCC 10 Mile TT – Cancelled
SCC 10 Mile TT – Cancelled
Jun 27 @ 7:00 pm
Event Cancelled — proximity to Open TT
8:00 am Open 10 Mile TT @ Course D33/10
Open 10 Mile TT @ Course D33/10
Jun 30 @ 8:00 am – 11:00 am
Entries via CTT Website
7:00 pm SCC 10 Mile TT – Cancelled
SCC 10 Mile TT – Cancelled
Jul 4 @ 7:00 pm
Event falls between our Open 10 and the rearranged date of the Bickerstaffe Road Races.
9:00 pm SCC Bickerstaffe Road Race
SCC Bickerstaffe Road Race
Jul 6 @ 9:00 pm
After the disappointment of the original race being cancelled we are pleased to announce that the event has been re-scheduled to be held on SATURDAY JULY 6th. Let’s hope no storms are forecast. Thanks again[...]
6:30 pm SCC 10 Mile TT
SCC 10 Mile TT
Jul 11 @ 6:30 pm
First rider off at 19:01. Please bring exact cash £ 5 per rider.  ALL COMPETITORS MUST HAVE A HELMET – CTT REG (15), A WORKING FRONT AND A REAR RED LIGHT  FIXED TO THEIR MACHINE [...]
6:30 pm SCC 10 Mile TT
SCC 10 Mile TT
Jul 18 @ 6:30 pm
First rider off at 19:01. Please bring exact cash £ 5 per rider.  ALL COMPETITORS MUST HAVE A HELMET – CTT REG (15), A WORKING FRONT AND A REAR RED LIGHT  FIXED TO THEIR MACHINE [...]
6:30 pm SCC 15 mile TT
SCC 15 mile TT
Jul 25 @ 6:30 pm
First rider off at 19:01. Please bring exact cash £ 5 per rider. ALL COMPETITORS MUST HAVE A HELMET – CTT REG (15), A WORKING FRONT AND A REAR RED LIGHT FIXED TO THEIR MACHINE[...]
6:30 pm SCC 10 Mile TT
SCC 10 Mile TT
Aug 1 @ 6:30 pm
First rider off at 19:01. Please bring exact cash £ 5 per rider.  ALL COMPETITORS MUST HAVE A HELMET – CTT REG (15), A WORKING FRONT AND A REAR RED LIGHT  FIXED TO THEIR MACHINE [...]

2022 TT Sec Report

TT Sec Report  – 2022 Season

Following the decision by Neil Langridge to step down as TT Sec due to work commitments, I reluctantly stepped back into the role to ensure that the evening TT series could continue, and that planning could proceed with our remaining events for 2022, and for the 2023 season.

I’m still working, so find it difficult to commit to getting to the event HQ early enough to commence signing on, and getting the safety signs out onto the course, so I must thank Pete Leonard in particular for doing so most weeks – and acting as ‘Starter’ despite the fact that he has to travel from the other side of Preston.

I’m happy to continue as TT sec – particularly with the ‘admin’ side but will definitely need more help on the practical side of things with the events – particularly as I still want to ride as many events as possible.  It’s selfish, but I can’t time keep or marshal and ride at the same time!  Pete might also want to ride as well!

We’re about the only club locally that still runs regular evening events – and this is greatly valued by riders from across the County and beyond.  It also produces a healthy source of revenue for the club.

2022 Open TT’s
Our open 10 Mile TT was held on Saturday 28th May.  Moda / GSG kindly supplied a range of ‘goody bags ‘ containing prizes to supplement the  engraved Trophies and Medals that were awarded in the  various categories. Prizes and Trophies were well received by the various winners.   New course records were set in the Junior and Tricycle categories.  We had 80 entries, with 67 starters and 64 finishers.

After the payment of all levies and invoices, we had a surplus of £246.

We had planned an Open 25 for the 3rd of July, but with the roadworks near the new Aldi at Tarleton rendering the course obsolete, it was decided to change the event  to a 15 mile event.  Entries were very slow to come in – as were commitments from people to marshal for a Sunday morning event, so the decision was reluctantly made to cancel the event .

The Evening TT series

We had another successful season – albeit with reduced numbers compared to last year.

Only 13 SCC riders have taken part in events this year – including 2 youth riders, and one new member.  We rarely seem to get more than 3 SCC riders taking part in any one event.  It’s not too many years ago when we’d have 13 SCC members riding most weeks!

We have to bear in mind that locally the PETTS series has been cancelled due to lack of support, and the Wigan Wheelers events at Rainford are also struggling. A lot of the issues revolve around the fuel cost of travelling to events – however we still seem to attract riders from East Lancashire, Greater Manchester and  Cheshire, as well as ‘local’ riders.

By the end of the season, 124 riders from 45 different clubs or racing teams took part and as a result we produced another healthy surplus of around £ 500

Club Hill Climb – Club confined event – Sunday 30th October – Ashurst Beacon

A disappointing turnout of only 4 riders contested the event.  In fact marshals outnumbered competitors.  It was won by Neil Laing, who pipped Milke Rimmer into 2nd place, with Melissa Mosscrop not too far behind in 3rd.  Carole James was the only member to actually ride out to the event and she was rewarded with a time only a few seconds short of her PB.

Boxing Day TT – Notifications have been submitted to CTT and to the Police, and weather permitting I look forward to seeing a good turnout on the 26th

Forward Planning for 2023 events.

As I indicated earlier I’m happy to stay on as TT Sec – primarily in an admin role – as long as we can get additional volunteers to commit to helping with signing on, setting up and timekeeping for the Evening TTs – the cohort of old faithfuls is getting smaller – we need new blood!

With that in mind, I propose we have another full series of Evening ‘Club’ TT’s including 10s 15s and 25’s. – Dates have been formally submitted to Liverpool DC CTT for Club events.

Dates for the Open events have been submitted to Liverpool DC for approval prior to going to National date fixing.

The Open 10, is on a Saturday evening 24th June.  The Open 15 using our newly approved course –is on Sunday Morning 30th April – 8am start.  Both dates should be clear of Club holidays to Mallorca, School holidays, Bank Holidays or other events in Southport that might attract heavier than normal traffic

The 15 mile TT is a recognised championship distance for the VTTA. I’ve had discussions with VTTA (North Lancs & Lakes) and they are happy with the date and will incorporate their regional Championship within our event – which should guarantee a good field.

We can also expect help from the VTTA with regard to marshalling etc.  On a further note, new member Martin Wallis of Wallis Cycles has offered (out of the blue) to provide some sponsorship for the Open 15.

I’ve not approached anyone regarding sponsorship of the Open 10 – but I am sure the club will be open to offers!

The existing D25/5 course has been rendered obsolete due to the new traffic light arrangement at Tarleton, however alternative start and finish points have been identified and the course has been measured and details submitted for it to be officially recognised.  The only new part of the course is the final mile or so, down Green Lane.  The rest of the course is covered by the existing risk assessment.

I do have a concern about holding 15 and 25 mile TT’s during evenings, due to the amount of parked cars and general traffic in Mere Brow Village – particularly near the Legh Arms pub.  It may be a case of having to station extra marshals (armed with cameras) near the pub.

Wallis Cycles / Southport CC Closed Circuit TTs – Preston Arena

 A further development is on the cards for 2023 with a planned series of closed circuit TTs at Preston  Arena on Saturday afternoons promoted jointly by Wallis Cycles and Southport CC.

Martin Wallis has recently joined SCC.  Pete Leonard and I have been involved with the ‘test events’ and course measurement. Through Martin’s position at UCLAN he is able to book access to the circuit for events and for coaching sessions.

Martin is proposing that we do this as a joint venture – with Wallis Cycles (and his racing team sponsors) providing prizes for a season long competition. However this will mean involvement by SCC members – particularly those with timekeeper experience – but few course marshals are needed. (Initially I’d probably be involved with the admin – and occasional timekeeping – but as I still want to ride our Club events whenever possible I’ll be looking for more regular help on Thursdays!)

It’s planned to complement our Evening TT’s rather than compete with them. As it is on a closed circuit, it is open to U12 Youth riders – who are currently not able to ride TTs on the road.  It is also aimed at attracting riders who do not feel comfortable riding on busy roads.

The feedback from riders has been very positive and a number of SCC members have taken part. A particularly pleasing aspect has been the number of youth riders who have taken part

A further benefit for SCC is that Martin and some of his racing team members are BC accredited coaches, and this will open the door to coaching sessions for our younger riders.  In recent years we’ve lost a number of very promising youngsters due to the fact that we’ve been unable to offer coaching.

Martin is a passionate believer in putting something back into the sport at Grass Roots level, and I believe it’s something that SCC should be associated with given our long history with Youth racing.

Timekeepers – With the exception of Bill Lloyd, we do not have an officially accredited timekeeper within the club – and strictly speaking we should have at least one to officiate at our Open Events.  We’ve got away with it over the past couple of years due to the pandemic and general shortage of timekeepers in the district.  Bill ‘trained’ Dave Ritchie and myself, and I’ve passed the basic skills on to Brian Leach and Neil Langridge.  Between the 4 of us we seem to be able to manage most weeks, but having a few more people who can hold the watch to assist timekeepers or act as starter would lessen the load on  the same few stalwarts each  week.

I’ve been in contact with CTT regarding being accredited – and  Bill Lloyd has written a letter of recommendation – as I’ve already helped him with  timekeeping at a couple of 25’s.  Once accredited, I can then train up ‘Assistant’ timekeepers.  We really can’t have too many people who can step in and hold a watch on occasions to spread the workload.

I’ll be happy to arrange a couple of timekeeper training sessions over the winter for anyone who might be interested.


2022 TT Achievements


Boxing Day TT – 2021  Event Cancelled


Open 10 Mile TT Fastest SCC

Madeleine Scott 00:24:57
Open 10 Mile TT Best on Handicap Mike Rimmer 00:18:08
Open 10 Mile TT Fastest Male Mike Rimmer 00:25:09
Open 10 Mile TT Fastest Female Madeleine Scott 00:24:57
Open 10 Mile TT Fastest Junior (U18) No Qualifier

TT Evening Series

10 Mile Points Champion Ken Addison 177 pts
15 Mile Points Champion Neil Laing 30 Pts
Female Champion Melissa Moscrop 73 pts
Junior (U18) Champion Melissa Moscrop 73 Pts
V40+ points Neil Laing 140 pts
V50+points Mike Rimmer 111 pts
V60+ points Ken Addison 177 Pts
V70+ points Alan Stark 65 pts
25 Mile TT Points Champion Not awarded
Male Best All Rounder (25, 50,100 miles) Jim Henderson 22.376 mph
Female best All Rounder (10, 25, 50 miles) No Qualifier
Junior (U18) BAR (10, 25,50 miles) No Qualifier
Male Short Distance BAR (10,25,50 miles) Neil Laing 23.529mph
Runner up Jim Henderson 23.527 mph
The difference was 2 seconds over 85 miles!
Female Short Distance BAR (10,25) No Qualifier
Junior (U18) Short distance BAR (10,25) No Qualifier

Hill Climb – Male                                                                      Neil Laing                     8m 03.5

Hill Climb – Female                                                                  Carole James                9m 20.7

Hill Climb – Junior                                                                    Melissa Moscrop           8m 58.5


The following achievements  are worthy of mention

Best times by SCC members in all events incl ‘Opens’ in 2022

Fastest Male 10 Peter Leonard 00:22:16
Fastest Male 15 Neil Laing 00:36:39
Fastest Male 25 Jim Henderson 00:59:26
Fastest Male 50 Neil Laing 02:09:35
Fastest Male 100 Jim Henderson 04:35:39
Fastest Female 10 Madeleine Scott 00:24:00
Veteran – Performance against Standard
Male 10 Mile TT Peter Leonard V71 + 7.14
Male 25 mile TT Jim Henderson V49 + 8.09
Male 50 mile TT Neil Laing       V41 + 5.21
Male 100 mile TT Jim Henderson       V49 +12.23
Female 10 Mile TT Carole James LV + 3.12


Special mention for Rob Rix (V74) who competed in half a dozen open TT’s between 15 and 30 miles, and who achieved his Vet’s Standard in our final 10 of the season.


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