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‘On Yer Bike’ – This week’s abundant column

Visiter Column – Article 78 – by Ian Bailey

Good morning on yer bikers all! Lots to tell you today as the summer waxes to its fullness and the mornings start to Ready in Assen (Copy)darken and we move on toward the autumn just a few weeks away. Many of you have been out enjoying what our mixed weather has to offer by getting out and cycling to work or for pleasure.

This week in on yer bike we have a special report on two intrepid charity riders Peter and Paul who last week attempted to ride the gruelling Prudential 100 sportive in London to raise much needed money for Queenscourt Hospice here in Southport. This is followed by an update on our local youth riders and local world tourer Andrew Bristow from Southport.

Southport CC member Peter Tindell with his ride buddy Paul again completed the Prudential 100 cycling sportive. A 100 mile ride that starts and finishes at the Mall in London that attracts over 10,000 riders each year it is held. The ride has one or two lung busting climbs, including the famous Box Hill, that our fund raisers had to negotiate in order to complete the course.

Danny finishing well in Assen (Copy)Peter wrote In total we rode 113 miles including getting to the start and returning to our transport for the journey home to Southport. ‘We had an amazing day!’ says Peter ‘despite the challenges that the ride presented the camaraderie and positivity shown by riders and stewards was infectious helping us onward when tiredness looked to be getting the better of us.’ Peter also looked at the challenge of Box Hill and the rapturous cheering and applauding as they linked arms at the finish as being the highlights of the event. Both Peter and Paul want to thank all those of you who have pledged money to their fundraising page. Thank you ☺

If you wish to add to their good feelings and reward both riders for their fabulous effort then please use the link below:

With only two weeks left of the Litherland Circuit League our local youth riders are still putting in some great efforts to keep Southport up with the best riders in the North West. Excitement is mounting in the youth B girls category with Isabelle McKinnon lying 2nd being harried by Harriet King from Liverpool Century who has picked up and closed the gap to within 0.5 points of Isabelle. In the Youth C girls category Kitty Cunniffe remains in a comfortable second place also. As for the Cosgrove boys Daniel and Joe I have heard they have taken their world domination tag quite literally and have been competing in an overseas race tour in Assen! Both boys are leading their respective youth age groups at Litherland by a country mile and are pushing to extendDaniel left and Joe picking up awards for 4th and 8th respectively (Copy) their cycling dominance overseas fantastic effort champs!

David Unsworth from Stanley High School still leads the Southport CC 10 mile men’s championship with only a couple of races left and with two more race cancellations due to road works on the course, this year’s championship is a real nail biter for others looking to win the prestigious 10 mile trophy.

Our local world tourer is still going strong after negotiating his way across Europe eventually arriving in Istanbul ready for a flight to Cairo. He was told his cycle was too big to carry on the flight. A few tense negotiations with airport officials and he was allowed to board. Arriving in Cairo and after a few days sightseeing he looked to start his ride south to South Africa but wisely abandoned his plans due to the intense heat. Returning to Cairo he stored his cycle and had some time off whilst he considered his options. He has now returned to riding his bike having flown to Uganda where he is now travelling. To follow his wonderful journey please sign up to his blog at

Andrew Bristow walking the St James Way from France to Spain over the Pyrenees whilst he considered his options (Copy)

Andrew Bristow walking the St James Way from France to Spain over the Pyrenees whilst he considered his options (Copy)

Don’t forget Andrew is raising money for Water Aid and the Liverpool Women’s hospital whilst he enjoys his fantastic adventure that he is sharing with us.

Keep peddlin’

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